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5 Steps to Get Started on Our Platform

Invest & Fund is a peer-to-business exchange, which connects individual lenders to the property development industry. This blog will take you through how to sign up and start lending through our platform in five steps…


1. Spend some time learning about the platform to understand all relevant risks

It is important to spend time doing some research before signing up on our platform. This can include learning about our company and the risks involved in P2P lending.

2. Set up your account

This can be done on our platform by:

  • Entering your name and email into the ‘sign up’ box
  • Verifying your email address
  • Entering your personal info, bank info and accepting the Terms & Conditions
  • Passing AML checks

    3. Deposit money

    Depositing money can be done on our site via online bank transfer. You will find the ‘deposit money’ tab with further details on your dashboard. There is no minimum deposit amount, however there is a minimum bid of £25 on our Resale Marketplace, and £500 on our Lending Marketplace.

    4. Build your lending portfolio

    Once you have set up your account and deposited money successfully, the next step is to start lending. This can be done on our site via the Lending Marketplace or the Resale Marketplace. Our Lending Marketplace allows lenders to bid on live loan auctions and our Resale Marketplace allows lenders to buy and sell loans which have already been successfully purchased on our Lending Marketplace. More info can be found on our FAQs.

    5. Manage your portfolio

    If your bid/purchase is successful, you can sit back and watch the duration of the loans progress. Invest & Fund will notify you of any loan updates via email so you can keep a track of any interest you may earn. This can also be viewed on our website via your dashboard.
    It is important to remember that when lending on our platform, your capital is at risk. Payments can go up as well as down if a borrower defaults.
    Want to know more? Get in touch at or phone us on 01424 717564

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