We have recently made some changes to our Lender Dashboard to deliver the information our Lenders require in a more intuitive way. 8 Statistics Overview Boxes now provide summaries of all the current and historic information about your account.

Total Funds Balance is the value of your Lender account at Invest & Fund and is comprised:

  • Amount Available To Lend – your free cash balance
  • Bids Outstanding – funds that have been allocated to a current auction, yet to drawdown
  • Current Loans Total Value – the total cost of your loans currently held including purchased interest if you acquired the loan through the resale marketplace. This Purchase Interest will be repaid to you on the earlier of a loan resale, should you offer it for sale before redemption or on redemption by the Borrower.


Interest Accruing On Current Loans shows the value of the earned interest you have accrued on current loans to date. Once a loan has been repaid or sold, this accruing interest crystallises and moves to the Total Gross Interest Earned summary, which is an historical record of all the gross interest earned since you joined Invest and Fund. This is analysed by Tax Years running 6th April XX to 5th April XY
Total Facility Fees and Resale Transaction Fees are an historical record of fees deducted from your gross interest payments.


Need more detailed information? Try the link:
Bids Outstanding, Current Loans Total Value, Total Gross Interest Earned and Interest Accruing on Current Loans each contain a link to a detailed analysis of the summary value shown.

Understanding the total interest earned
The Current Loans page shows earned interest and purchased interest which added together provide the total interest you would receive at that moment in time should the loan be resold or redeemed. These are totalled at the bottom of the page for convenience. The purchased interest is added to the Current Loans Nominal to provide the Current Loans Total Value.

Placing a loan on the Resale Marketplace
Where loans have been placed on the Resale Marketplace, the button on the right-hand side of the Current Loans page will state See Resale. Clicking on this will advise you whether the amount offered is the whole of your loan or part of your loan and give you the opportunity to adjust or withdraw your offer on the Resale Marketplace.

The page My Resale Offerings extracts details of current loans being offered for resale and presents them in one place, but they remain part of current loans whilst unsold.

We will continue to develop and enhance the Dashboard and supporting pages. If you have any comments, questions or observations, please let us know by emailing enquiries@investandfund.com

Please remember that lending places your capital at risk and you may not get your money back if the borrower defaults.