With the economic backdrop constantly evolving and traditional investments such as equities showing their volatility, with inflation increasing and cash deposit interest rates at an all time low, you may be considering alternative ways to invest your savings.   The alternative finance market provides such a place for investors who are looking to rebalance or add to their portfolio.

With the housing market showing activity, price increases (Halifax House Price Index 7.6% higher in July 21 than the same month last year) and the lack of housing supply coming to the forefront of government concerns, there has never been a better time to consider property lending.

To help house builders in England and Wales tackle this shortage of supply, Invest and Fund have taken a number of steps. A partnership with Homes England (a UK government agency) was entered into a year ago and together we are providing the finance needed to help experienced house builders to alleviate this shortage. Alongside that initiative, we offer individual investors the opportunity to invest into property finance, again helping to build much needed housing across England and Wales.

With targeted returns of 6.5%+ gross, the ability to shelter these returns in tax efficient wrappers such as ISAs and SIPPs, plus the advantage of stable, low volatility returns throughout the economic cycle, investors looking to beat inflation should consider this asset class as part of their diversified portfolio.

For further information on opening an Invest & Fund account please contact lending@investandfund.com.