Winning against the bigger lenders means working harder to find a competitive edge.

There’s no getting around it – residential bridging and development finance is a competitive sport. A recent report from management consultants EY on the bridging industry in the UK suggests the 10 biggest lenders are responsible for 75% of bridging activity. That’s the kind of statistic that could leave smaller, specialist lenders dazed and confused. For Invest & Fund, we take it as a challenge – all it really means is that to win, we have to work harder and offer something more than any of the top ten.

Winning against the biggest

It’s always possible to win against the biggest when it matters. You only have to take a look at the track record of New Zealand’s Rugby team for proof of that.

When world rankings were introduced in 2003, the All Blacks sat at the top of the table – the biggest team in the world with an 80% win rate and winners of the first World Cup in 1987. The strange thing about the All Blacks, however, was even though they dominated the rankings for the next two decades, they didn’t win another World Cup until 2011 (and again in 2015, but that’s another story).

That’s an unusual record – the best team in the world unable to win when it mattered most. There are plenty of theories as to why, including one offered by John Eales, former Australian captain. He believed the All Blacks’ poor World Cup record was less about the team’s form, and more about the ability of lower ranked teams to find peak performance when facing the biggest team in the world.

The right team on the ground

We think there’s some similarity in that theory to the way we operate. As a specialist lender, we’re never going to be the biggest. It’s more important for us to be the best in our field, hit our own peak performance and take every residential development and bridging opportunity that comes our way.

The right team is essential. Invest & Fund is led by a team of property finance, credit and banking experts with decades of experience. Our origination team take a hands on approach to projects across England and Wales, getting out every day to meet developers and brokers, visiting every site we support and applying knowledge and experience to structuring high quality finance that works for everyone.

We also have a network of 500+ hungry individual, high net worth and institutional lenders keen to see and fund a bigger pot of high quality residential developments. In fact, our lenders recently funded a £1m+ bridge to sale facility in under four hours – so far, funding a loan hasn’t been a problem.

Finance with an edge

Everyone in our industry talks about competitive rates, faster funding and greater certainty. We agree, but we also know this isn’t enough. Our team add more value by working alongside brokers and developers to build trusted relationships and create flexible funding solutions from deep credit and property expertise.

Helping brokers hit peak performance

As we approach the £50m total lending mark, our goal is simple: to win more of that 75% from the big lenders. The best way to do this is to deliver an alternative finance service that helps brokers and developers hit their own peak performance. If you’re a broker or property developer interested in putting us to the test, we’re ready. Visit us at or call us on 01424 717564.

*This article originally appeared in the March 2018 edition of the NACFB Magazine. Please remember that lending places your capital at risk and you may not get your money back if a borrower defaults. *