We wanted to share a number of exciting new features that have been added to our website, based on recommendations that our lenders have made, and are designed to make things much easier and more convenient for our lending community.

The biggest change that lenders will notice are our newly designed Transaction Statements - we have been working on these for a while and believe that they represent a significant step forward, allowing you to view all purchased and accrued interest, as well as all withdrawals and deposits, via your dashboard.  

Another new initiative is the customisation of transaction histories. Previously Lenders were only able to select an individual month in a specific year, but now are able to specify any time period of their choosing, thus saving considerable time and effort. Additionally, you are now able to access primary and secondary marketplace contract notes for all transactions that you have undertaken, as well as view any loan from your dashboard rather than having to come out and enter in via the marketplace. So, all the important information is available in one place rather than located separately, which should be much more convenient.

Lastly, pages should now load faster, and they have also been optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that you can view all information more quickly and easily, wherever you may be.

All these changes represent our ongoing commitment to ensuring that our website user experience is easy and straightforward, and we hope that you will agree.