Invest & Fund, the specialist residential development finance platform, has filled its latest £1m+ residential development loan in less than four hours.

The loan, a bridge to sale in Hertfordshire, hit the Invest & Fund lending marketplace in December and took less than a day to fill. It comes alongside a £75k facility drawdown that filled in 24 minutes in early December and a £100k facility that filled in a day over the Christmas and New Year period.

‘The speed of fulfilment shows lender appetite for good quality opportunities continues to be very strong and our lenders are well placed to fund a wide range of loans’, says David Turner, co-founder and CEO.

‘We want to keep building our profile as a highly reliable and professional source of property development finance and a business that can help brokers and developers get the job done’.

To encourage more residential development and bridging loans via brokers and to help meet ongoing lender demand, Invest & Fund are also offering brokers an extra £5000 commission bonus incentive throughout January 2018. Invest & Fund will pay an extra £5000 commission on all £1m+ loans introduced in January 2018 and funded by the end of April, 2018.