One of the primary goals for Invest&Fund is to support the SME property market, so we are proud to announce a sizeable expansion in our geographic coverage to build upon our successes in the south.

Experts and market commentators have been publicly predicting substantial house price increases across the north by 2024, well on route to a marked increase from where we are today. Combined with increasing rental yields and opportunities for value investing from sizeable market players, this heady mix will bring significant investment to the region on both a national and international level.

The dash to acquire these assets will undoubtedly create a substantial uptick in development demand across the area, and that's where the necessity to support the countries' legions of regional property developers comes into play.

Housebuilding has accelerated in the northwest over the last five years; research published by the National Housebuilding Association (NHBA) shows a substantial rise in the pre-pandemic years before the government levelling up initiatives and accelerator funds were implemented.

However, this growth hasn't wained, and all of this fantastic progress is being underpinned once again by a relatively unsupported sector, small to medium-sized property builders. So, naturally, we are keen on supporting these businesses, and we share those aspirations with our partners at Homes England.

Market conditions aside, there are also essential regional requirements; it's no secret that the government's targets for home building hang in the balance, that demand outstrips supply, and the challenges of recent years have had a contagion effect across all associated industries. The construction sector was particularly hit hard, although there has been a notable rebound of late.

One of the critical components of our product is providing accessible capital to businesses at a commercially sensible cost to help them navigate these times, and that's why we listen to the market and continue to adjust our proposition accordingly.

Suppose you are reading this as one of our partners within the sector, we are very excited about speaking to you about the amendments to our products, the regional changes, and our appetite to look at a more varied spectrum of facility sizes.  

Our team will be in touch soon!