If you’re an active lender, you’ll have no doubt noticed the short amount of time it takes for lenders to fill a loan.

In some ways a fast-filling loan is good news for us – it’s a good endorsement of our credit expertise and the simplicity of our Lending Marketplace. We also know it can be frustrating for lenders who miss out.

We continue to work on this, promoting Invest & Fund to brokers and developers and adding to our Business Development team. We always have a strong pipeline of potential deals, but we will only ever pursue the highest quality opportunities.

Expected lending opportunities in March:

• New deal: £850k+ bridging facility, 9.25% p.a gross
• Development finance stage drawdown: Leicestershire, £60k at 9.5% p.a gross
• Development finance stage drawdown: Cambridgeshire, £100k, 9.00% p.a gross

Staying ahead of the latest opportunities

All of our loans are subject to approval by our Credit Assessment Group and this can have an impact on rates, timings and availability of each opportunity. For the latest opportunities, please register as lender or visit our Lending Marketplace.

Please also remember that lending places your capital at risk and you may not get your money back if the borrower defaults.