Your next significant milestone in lending is always just around the corner.

So many often go unnoticed; a set figure lent out, a certain number of customers, an important date in the calendar, an anniversary.

We usually mark these things down to create a map of our achievements, not just to congratulate ourselves but also to share their significance with the people around us who have benefitted along the way.

Today we have hit another one of those milestones, 200 million funded via drawdowns from our platform.

We are proud of this one; it shows the significant growth of both our platform and our sector over the last few years. For every scheme built, the footprint of success is wide; it adds value to our partners in both the construction and financial sector whilst bolstering local economies and creating jobs and wealth across the country.

Invest & Fund was established to allow investors to back the SME development sector, simultaneously creating an attractive investment vehicle and solving a more significant funding problem within the industry. With our laser focus on that, it's easy to forget that building people's homes is the most crucial subsidiary benefit of that mission.

With this milestone, it's not just some arbitrary figure necessary for a moment of reflection; it's actual bricks in the ground; it's 200 million GBP of lending that's led to the creation of 500+ homes at a time when we need to be building.

That's a milestone worth celebrating.

Finally, we would like to thank all our partners, investors, and clients; we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you along the way.

Invest & Fund